Celebrating Deal Flow: Health & Wellness

San Diego Impact Investors Network welcomed 48 investors and philanthropists to Deal Flow: Health & Wellness on October 19, 2016. Entrepreneurs presented innovative work ranging from assistive technology for the blind to workforce training to sustainable agriculture. Expert panelists Dan Gibbs, resident entrepreneur at Jewish Family Services, Elizabeth Dreicer, CEO and founder of Posiba, and BH Kim, CEO and Co-Founder of Impact Without Borders, provided insight on the presentations by drawing presenters into discussion about their financial models and anticipated social impact.



By developing technology that connects the blind with a network of certified agents via wearable smart glasses and an augmented reality dashboard, Aira helps users accomplish a wide range of daily activities. Aira is in the planning stages for a Series B round, furthering accessibility of their technology for the visually impaired in San Diego.

Archi's Acres

Archi's Acres benefits the local economy, community, and environment through healthy food delivery; education and employment support for veterans; and sustainable hydro-organic farming practices.

Archi's Acres seeks $700,000 in convertible notes for site expansion to build new greenhouses, which will enable them to offer more veteran workforce training programs and increase the production of organic produce. 


Colin Archipley with Archi's Acres

Kitchens for Good

Through innovative programs in workforce training, healthy food production, and social enterprise, Kitchens for Good breaks the cycles of food waste, poverty, and hunger. Kitchens for Good seeks a $1 million loan to build a larger kitchen and open a cafe in San Marcos.

The resulting increase in meal production, offsite catering, and the opening of a retail bakery will generate a financial return for investors, while the expansion of workforce training programs and food recovery increase social returns.

Spiral Therapy

Spiral Therapy utilizes 3D imaging and a digitized, scalable model that crowd-sources physical therapy recommendations to make treatment more accessible, consistent, and convenient. At the same time, better utilization of physical therapy can reduce opioid drug dependence and healthcare costs. 

Spiral Therapy asked for $500,000 with a 4% convertible note to fund the build-out of their 3D scanning software and clinical studies that would provide access to care in low income communities.

Mission Labs

SDIIN builds connections within the impact investing ecosystem in San Diego and we were proud to showcase partners Impact Without Borders (IWOB) and Mission Edge San Diego who presented their collaborative project: “Mission Labs.” Mission Labs supports nonprofits and social entrepreneurs to help them create, test, and accelerate new and innovative social enterprise models.


Deal Flow: Health & Wellness Champion Supporter


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