Reflecting on Deal Flow #1

As we prepare for our next Deal Flow on October 19, we want to share on what happened on our inaugural April 28th event.  This was the first of what will be multiple Deal Flow events throughout the year, which showcase the current impact investing landscape in San Diego and highlight local mission-driven organizations. 




Local organizations from sectors as diverse as environmental to health and human services to economic development presented their work, and we were lucky to gain insight on these presentations from experts Bhairvee Shavdia, Chris Weil, and Peter Zahn. Attendees connected with SDIIN's executive committee and the presenters, resulting in a charge of inspiration for both investors and organizations. Deal Flow showcased the breadth and depth of opportunity for impact investment in San Diego, and highlighted just how lucrative impact investing can be for social, environmental, and financial returns.


Highlighted Local Projects

  • 314 Beach Lofts: A cutting-edge ecovillage of ten residential and two commercial spaces, 314 Beach Lofts provides a triple bottom line of financial, social, and environmental returns for investors.

  • Bottles and Wood: By upcycling glass, wood, steel, and other locally sourced waste into products for the gift and hospitality industries, Bottles and Wood simultaneously contributes to the economy and environmental sustainability.

  • CollectiveSun®: Through private investment financing, CollectiveSun® provides access to solar energy for nonprofits while providing steady and reliable returns to investors.

  • Interfaith Community Services: By implementing a wrap-around approach to address the needs of low-income individuals suffering from mental health and substance abuse problems, Interfaith Community Services creates less strain on public services such as hospitals, jails, and social service agencies.

  • San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP): SDWP is exploring ways to use federal funds to implement Pay for Performance endeavors to improve education, employment, and recidivism outcomes for youth in the juvenile justice system.

  • Vivorwear: Spearheaded by Fashion designer Raymundo (Ray) Valenzuela, Vivorwear creates garments that meet the specific needs of those dealing with the effects of radiation and other serious medical procedures.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for impact investing in San Diego County. Please join us at our next Deal Flow, Oct 19 at the Sanford Consortium on Health & Wellness. Click here to learn more!

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