SOCAP 2017 Recap


In October 2017, hundreds of enthusiasts gathered at SOCAP to talk about all things impact and investing. Thanks to Lauren Grattan of Mission Driven Finance and Alicia Quinn at Mission Edge San Diego, we were able to offer a local recap. Huge thanks to them for sharing their learning and reflections.

 At the end of this post you’ll find links to resources and the program slides. And at a link to come soon, you'll find Lauren's expanded musings in a second blog post.

 SOCAP characterized its focus as "the intersection of money & meaning." I was drawn to a few key points during Lauren & Alicia’s recap, which seem to prescribe a path forward when taken together.


  • Economic growth requires access to capital. While there are numerous entrepreneurs responding to their communities’ needs and seeking pathways to reliable income, they don’t all have access to startup funds.

  • Friends and family seed funding only works if you have privileged friends and family. Since not everyone does, we need to focus on supporting and increasing alternative sources of seed capital: community banks, program & mission related investments, and more.

  • Peer learning and storytelling are keys to helping build comfort with impact investing strategies. Stories of success and risk-taking (even failure!) help others understand and explore this field.


You are at the forefront of this movement; let’s be the people who share our experiences and bring others into the field.

Contact me to find out how San Diego Impact Investors Network helps you network with peers in philanthropy and investment management, share stories, shape and attend workshops, drive active working groups for investment and social ventures, and more. Better yet, let me know what more you’d like to see and lead and how we can help make it happen.




SOCAP RECAP SLIDES: Can be found here.

SOCAP Recap: Rewatch (and share!) the SOCAP Recap audio and slides via this YouTube recording.
SOCAP Conference has a channel with all the conversations from the 2017 conference main stage.

ARTICLE: Nancy O'Leary mentioned this Battery Ventures article about growing enthusiasm among investors for impact investing.


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