What We Do

We are building the market of impact investing. This is an evolving effort that will respond to the ever-changing landscape of opportunities. We expect that our work will occur in phases. 

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In the marketplace building phase, we will work to support demonstration projects and build a pipeline of opportunities while identifying and addressing structural barriers to success.  We expect that with market maturity, SDiiN will foster the growth of impact investing in San Diego and make it a model of community action and partnership. 


Executive Committee

Oversees and ensures all levels of SDiiN are advancing the vision of bringing $100 million dollars into San Diego by 2025 to address it's most pressing issues.

Ecosystem Development

Convenes a diverse set of actors committed to developing and enhancing the "impact ecosystem" in the San Diego region on a regular basis, and will serve as a forum to open lines of communication, coordination, and collaboration among participants.

Education & Resources

Supports the creation and coordination of new and existing educational tools to create and support impact investment-ready entities & investors.

Deal Flow

Plans events which showcase impact investing  in San Diego county and highlight local mission-driven organizations. 

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